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Strategic Plan – Objectives

1. Kurbingui to be a leader in quality Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service provision

– Meeting all key funding requirements and key performance indicators.
– To provide ongoing opportunities for staff professional development, training and supervision.
– To increase program collaboration and referrals within Kurbingui.
– Develop a strong integrated culture within Kurbingui.

2. Kurbingui to have a strong relationship and engagement with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

– To develop a clear communication and promotion strategy including both local and wider community.
– Increase the frequency of community accessing Kurbingui hubs .
– For Kurbingui staff and Board to prioritise, attend and play active roles in relevant community events.
– For Kurbingui to continue to host regular community events on Kurbingui premises.

3. Kurbingui to be a flexible, sustainable and financially autonomous organisation able to respond directly to community need

– Kurbingui obtaining revenue from various fee for service and business opportunities focused around employment training and cultural support.
– Kurbingui has developed an organisational structure to support future business development and its integration with government funded programs.
– Kurbingui to utilise business generated funds for development of community-driven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs and projects.

4. Kurbingui to have strong supportive relationships with relevant community stakeholders and strategic partners

– Identify and establish relevant partnerships to develop opportunities for future funding.
– To establish and maintain formal relationships with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to enhance collaborative service provision and better awareness of community need.
– To identify and establish relevant partnerships to develop future fee for service and business opportunities.

5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural values are promoted

– Increase cultural awareness in mainstream community.
– Ensure ongoing culturally appropriate support is provided to the Aboriginal and Torres StraitIslander community.

After hours – immediate assistance

13 11 14

Child Safety After Hours Service Centre:
(07) 3235 9999
1800 177 135 (Freecall – QLD only)

For emergencies requiring immediate police attendance:

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